Collection: Candle Collection of Patron Saints

Patron Saints are chosen as special protectors and guardians in our life. This protection includes occupations, illnesses, special causes, or anything that is important to us. These unique candles inspire, educate, and enhance spiritual activity.

• 50+ different Saints to choose from  • Unscented 3"h. x 2" w.  pillar candle (average burning time 16 hours)
• Once the candle has been used the Saint medal can be worn as a lapel pin to remind      you of your special intention.
• A brief history about the Saint and prayer is included.   Proudly made in the USA 

Each saint is noted for performing specific miracles. Read the brief history for a better understanding as to who and what you are asking for. Recite the prayer while your candle is lit and ask for your special intention.